Saturday, December 28, 2013

Princess K's Christmas/Birthday present. Far from finished.

Princess K will be ONE year old tomorrow (so will Daughter#1's dog, Kane).  I think Niece #2 and Nephew #2 (her husband) will be coming in, they live in a state north of us.  Princess K is their baby girl.

For Christmas / birthday I was trying to make her a pony using Heidi Bears Fatty Lumpkin pattern.  I started this pony on Dec 15th as I began a staycation week off work. 

I got about halfway through and ran out of Violet.  So while it was on order (I order Stylecraft DK yarns out of England, from Deramores), I started the blanket, using Attic24's interlocking Neat Ripple pattern. Well this is a bit addictive to crochet as you see it coming together!

Today I'm finishing up the orange color set, then will have a Violet color set, then a Daffodil, then that Bright Pink .... then I'll repeat the entire thing except go backwards, beginning with Daffodil and ending with Meadow then Bright Pink and then a simple border using the same pink as in the pony.  

The violet/pink pony's mane and tail will have all the colors that are in the blanket, and that is how I'll make them match.

So. Tomorrow is Princess K's birthday and I'm about halfway through both pony and blanket, and the only way I could possibly finish either of them is to take another week off work.  Ain't happening.  She'll be getting them late.  

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Some past projects

Most of my past projects have detailed photos and descriptions in my Projects pages in where my username is ValarieRog.  Here are some simple pictures I have saved on my phone, more recent to less recent. 

Eh.  Okay, so most of my projects like this are still WIPs.  I do have some finished things!

Next posts will journey through some WIPS I should think. That's the plan anyway, at least until another super cute pattern or bright colored yarn catches my imagination and I start another WIP.