Sunday, January 5, 2014

About half-way done

Sis and her family came down for the weekend, including Princess K.  So I packed up the half-finished pony and blankie and went and sat out at Mom's all day yesterday. 

I showed Sis and Niece #2 the half-pony and they both looked a bit bemused and politely umm-hmmm'd at it.  Then I showed the blankie, and said "the pony still needs its head, and the mane and tail will have all the colors that are in this blanket."  Finally my vision was painted inside their imagination, they both had a surprised and suddenly enthusiastic response when they pictured the finished matching set. 

And Princess K?  Well, the 1-year. 6-day old little doll definitely approves. 

Sadly they had to travel home today after a big family lunch at Johnny Carinos.  But they'll all be back down in mid-March for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Since I plan to bake and decorate the cake for that, I'll have some cake-y adventures to share.  I needs lots of practice time.  And lots of crochet time.  And since I have to work 10 hours a day Mon-Thurs, I need to figure out how to do away with that annoying time-wasting sleep thing. If I figure that ou I'll be sure to share with all my crafty friends!