Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sculpy hooks

I've been playing around with Sculpey to make a comfortable, no-more-cramps hook.  Previously my favorite has been The Crochet Dude's hooks, pretty comfortable to work with but the cushions tend to come loose.

So I decided to try Sculpey.  

The first hook: (D) Crochet Dude 
Second hook:  (h) Too thin.  My hand cramped up. 
Third hook:  (I) PERFECT: I crocheted for hours and hours and hours with this hook. Then my upper arm and shoulder got tired....
Fourth hook:  (G) Eh, too thick. I think I can still work with it though.

Woah.  Terrible picture!  Darn iPhone!  Or is  it just my lack of photographic talent.