Saturday, February 15, 2014

Princess K's blanket/pony update

It's time to post an update on the blanket and pony I'm making for Princess K.

On the blanket, I've just started the border.  What a pain.  All those ends!  I knotted them together, then simply crocheted over them, but it's not nice and neat like I think it should be.  I'm going to experiment with the next row being a DC or TC over it, or something.   Maybe I'll leave that, but in the spirit of keeping this blanket reversible, maybe I'll turn the blanket around and cover those ends up again on the next row.  Keep them from trying to work loose.  I'm just not happy with this, though. 

So I'm in a problem stage right now, with these ends, or problem stage in my mind.  Here are the pictures so you can see what I see:

Lumpy the Pony is in my bedroom, and I don't want to get up and go get it.  Back in 2006 I somehow herniated my L5-S1, pretty badly.  I couldn't stand up straight at all without incredible pain.  So I had to have surgery in spring of 2007, and basically that little sac between my L5 and S1 disks had exploded.  No idea what I did.  So I was doing wonderful after that surgery, until a 2008 hurricane came along, we flooded, completely remodeled while living with my parents, and when we moved back in in January 2009, I pushed something I shouldn't have pushed.  Too heavy.  Reherniated.  But it wasn't so bad that I can't live with it with a heating pad, ibuprofen, and Vicodin when the pain gets really bad.

Then this morning I was as fine as I usually am, showered, shaved the legs, stepped out of the shower, and as I was toweling off I had sudden sharp pain in my right lower spine.  Very painful.  Akin to that herniation pain.  So here I am, with a half Vicodin + some ibuprofen + a heating pad, sitting in my chair working on this blanket edge, and not in the  mood to walk 20 steps to my bedroom to take a picture of Lumpy the Pony.  I'll save that update for when this blanket is quite finished and I can take a picture of that.

All I have left on Lumpy is mane, tail, and eyes.  And for the eyes I've decided to not use buttons, but instead use crochet size 10 thread in black and crochet a little circle or ball or something.  Princess K just turned 1, and I don't want her careful mama to not let her play with Lumpy because of button hazards :)

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