Thursday, June 19, 2014

Patchwork afghan

I've loved the look of patchwork afghans I've seen and pinned on Pinterest.  I have way too much yarn in my closet and plastic bins, and in the quest for getting my room clean again (won't Hubs be happy!), I'm using my yarn up.  Stash. Buster.

I pulled out some “earthtone” colors from my Vanna’s stash, using the following colors (5 rows):
  • Chocolate brown
  • Grey Heather
  • Wheat
  • Oatmeal
  • Barley
  • Dusty Rose
  • Dusty Green
  • Dusty Purple
  • Dusty Blue
  • Mustard
  • Cranberry
  • Honey
  • Toffee
And the (6th row) /join/border was done in Espresso.
My living room, kitchen, and dining room are all one open room. The colors in this afghan pull all three rooms together, rugs in the living room, bricks of the fireplace, tile floor, dark brown leather furniture, curtain in the dining room, chandelier in the dining room, even the barley matches the granite counter tops of the kitchen and the grey heather matches the stainless steel appliances. My family is not necessarily impressed with what I do, except this simple afghan. This they love, and this I will keep for us.
Join: Top slip stitch. You can’t really see it well in the pictures because it’s so dark and I’m using an iphone camera, but IRL it adds a bit of a braid look to it. For some reason the joins ridged up a little bit. I don’t know why, I’ve used the same join before and it lay flat, but on this it does. If I were re-doing it, I’d do sc join (sc in stitch 1 of block 1, sc in stitch 1 of block 2, and so on), or something like that.
NOTE: I have 30 of these 7” squares. It took 2 full skeins of Espresso to stitch the 6th row for 28 squares, so I am in a 3rd skein to finish just the 6th row on the last 2 blocks.
BORDER: Border #46 from Edie Eckman’s Around the Corner Crochet Borders, using Beige and Espresso.
CONCLUSION: Now that it’s washed and dried and I’m using it … it’s not big enough. o_o Every square should have been 1-2 rows bigger, or I should have done about 56 squares instead of 30. Now that would have been a snuggler, and would have really cleaned out that stash bucket!

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