Thursday, February 19, 2015

Zoom Loom - the new toy

So I bought myself a little zoom loom, just to see if I would like weaving.  I do!  I've been playing and experimenting with a few different things, just stuff I have in my stash that I'm not using, some VC, some other stuff.  Just for fun, here are my results.  These pictures are awful, can't do it justice.  iPhone pictures, and used my computer to edit them down 50% so they wouldn't be giant here.  IRL these squares are really nice to look at and soft to hold, though way much thinner than something crocheted with the same yarn.

I bought this VC print and didn't like anything I tried crocheing with it.  But when I put it on the zoom loom, it turns into a pretty plaid look.  I like it!

Then I had this other stuff, labeled bulky, that is a riot of oranges/pinks, crinkly kind of yarn that I picked up at an LYS once and never knew what to do with.  It's too bulky to use on the zoom loom, so first I did the winding with black DK that I had in stash, then wove in the colorful stuff.  This is cool, would make a nice scarf.

 And then there's this.  This is Deborah Norville "Carnival" that I had bought thinking it might work for Julie's Modern Blanket coming up, but *holy cow* this stuff.  Unh!  And it makes an UGLY flower. Ugly.

But look what happens when I put this same weirdo yarn through the zoom loom.  I still have to figure out how to join these little squares, but when I do, I'm going to join them in black.  I think it will make a lovely little blanket.

That's just me playing around with my new toy when I have a few spare moments, or just need to go hide in a corner for a few minutes.  LOL, it's giving me hope for yarns in my stash I've stared at with intense dislike.

Here is my "pin loom" board on Pinterest, with so many wonderful ideas and links to instructions.

Zoom loom by Schacht - cheaper when purchased through Amazon Prime, but also available straight from Schacht.

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  1. I got here from your profile page on Ravelry. I'm happy to see you like your zoom loom. I had a few of the older Loom-its but they were stolen several years ago. I never got around to replacing them. I did a bunch of squares and never really liked the look of the joinings. It could be just me - hard to tell. I was amazed at how much better some variegated yarns looked when woven compared to knitted or crocheted!! Especially the wild colors of cotton yarns. Much, much nicer woven. :)

    May I suggest a worsted wt non-superwash wool, felted after taking off the loom. Perfect coasters! Same squares in cotton also make fine coasters, but not as thick. Looking at your squares makes me pine for my lost looms, but the current price is way out of my means. :(