Thursday, February 19, 2015

Photos versus Selfies

Photos - a valuable tool for ourselves, family, and friends to peer into our past, remember good times and bad, remember each other, a moment of time forever preserved.

Selfies - a dangerous habit that speaks of constant "me".  What messages are young women sending their peers and younger generation who look up to them, when the young women constantly put selfies out on Facebook and Instagram?  Posing and smiling sweetly or sexily at their own camera.  What message are they sending themselves?  Do they need constant public affirmation that they are beautiful?

Social media is not the place for such affirmation. If a marriage or relationship failed, don't look to the world for your confidence boost.  Look inside, and if that's not good enough, look to the Word, work on nurturing the fruit of the spirit within.  If your fruit of the spirit is healthy, then you won't need selfies.  Don't believe me?  Go back and read that fruit list again.

Selfies promote and advertise egotism and narcissism.  Are you teaching vulnerable young women to be strong?  Or to look EVERYwhere for someone to tell them they are beautiful and sexy?  And then we turn around and try to convince them it's not about their outward beauty, but about the "beauty within"?  

The messages you are sending to your audience is confusion.  Not strength.  Not self confidence.  Not independence.


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