Monday, February 16, 2015

Nancy Drew

  • I fell in love with palominos in The Secret of Shadow Ranch. I had never seen palominos, but I knew they were beautiful. I also learned about glow-in-the-dark paint. 
  • I became horrified of black widow spiders in Secret in the Old Attic. Didn't need to see black widows to be scared of those.
  • I developed a deep longing for Scotland and and a crazy love for bagpipes in The Whistling Bagpipes. I had never heard bagpipes, but when I finally did hear them, my heart flopped. I had already loved them.
  • I became fascinated with invisible writing in The Strange Message in the Parchment. I never did quite get the hang of writing with lemon juice, but I sure tried. 
  • I obsessively counted steps every time I climbed the stairs at church after reading The Mystery of the 99 Steps. Took me a long time to break myself of that irritating habit.

Nancy Drew mysteries (and Hardy Boys, who could forget the swimming pool filled with piranhas!) helped form parts of me. Ideas ingrained in my imagination for life. (Don't let a leaf touch my foot in a swimming pool, I instantly become a flying fish)
As a child, I also regularly read the Bible, specifically Old Testament stories. Wasn't much interested in New Testament how-tos, or prophecy, though I got all that too. The Word is hidden in my heart, and created the teacher I became.
What is YOUR child reading. Or watching. It's more important than we realize.

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